Thursday , February 15 2018

Category: Cultural Diplomacy

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  • [LISTEN] Comedy Diplomacy

    [LISTEN] Comedy Diplomacy

    Professor Richard Dubin  and doctoral student Dan Amernick ,both from the S.I. Newhouse School of Syracuse University, discuss with Professor Guy Golan the role of comedy and humor ...

  • [LISTEN] Didgeridoo Diplomacy

    [LISTEN] Didgeridoo Diplomacy

    While the didgeridoo is synonymous with Australia, one citizen diplomat is using the aerophone to teach cultural respect to all people.   Julia Watson and Dr. Guy Golan discus ...

  • [LISTEN] Updating the Ethiopian Narrative

    [LISTEN] Updating the Ethiopian Narrative

    Ethiopia is an emerging country with an active diaspora; now its narrative, stuck in decades past, needs updating.   Michael Ardaiolo and Dr. Guy Golan discuss the need to upd ...

  • [LISTEN] Music Diplomacy in Timbuktu

    Could music reunite a war-torn Mali? “Return to Timbuktu” follows Malian musicians spreading just such a message.   Michael Ardaiolo and Dr. Guy Golan discuss Return to Timbuk ...

Cultural Diplomacy or Trojan Horse?

Cultural Diplomacy or Trojan Horse?

China’s Confucius Institutes are multiplying across each region of the globe. Don’t fret though. It’s for the best. On November 21, 2004, the first Confucius Institute opened its ...

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