Thursday , April 26 2018

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Our mission is to explain public diplomacy by providing a multi-media platform to ideas, research and events that catalyze the engaging of different cultures.

The Public Diplomat is the effort to understand, the willingness to change viewpoints, and the dedication to honesty. To be a public diplomacy practitioner today requires constant learning, discovering and appreciating. It is developing long-term relationships with myriad people as a means to truly understand their myriad viewpoints. It is an appreciation of culture and politics and whatever is in between. The Public Diplomat is a means to explore these efforts in a, naturally, public space.

There are many fields that fall under The Public Diplomat umbrella, not simply government-public interaction. We are interested in cultural diplomacy, sports diplomacy, art diplomacy, food diplomacy, and just about anything else that can inspire disparate sets of people to engage and find common ground. We are interested in it all. And if you have a story to tell, a research paper to promote, an idea to propose, or a conversation that needs to be had, please contact us and let us know.


The Public Diplomat is a non-profit endeavor to offer meaningful story-telling about current trends and issues in the fields of international relations, public diplomacy, and political communication. We ask that you consider making a donation to assist in the costs of providing this service.

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