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Yeni Diplomasi’s Review of Digital Diplomacy in 2013

Yeni Diplomasi’s Review of Digital Diplomacy in 2013

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Yeni Diplomasi, a Turkish website that covers all things digital diplomacy, released their review of 2013 last week. Gökhan Yücel and his crew compiled an impressive list of awards in this presentation:

While it is correct to read this as a slight self-pat on the back (we were awarded the “Best Digital Diplomacy Blog” award!!!), there are just too many quality resources here to not compile a list of links. So, as you look forward to 2014, here are many of the most noteworthy actors and issues of which you should be paying attention:


State of the Year: #Iran


Cartoon of the Year: iran-facebook-cartoon (This is actually a few years old though. Kudos to the prescient cartoonist.)


Head of State of the Year: Hassan Rouhani (Iran)


Digital Diplomacy Strategy of the YearForeign Office (FCO) (UK)


Foreign Ministers of the Year: Carl Bildt (Sweden) & Javad Zarif (Iran)


Portal of the Year (Ministry): Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Digital Diplomacy (UK)


Digital Diplomacy Team of the Year: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden


Digital Diplomacy Team Leaders of the Year: Adam Bye (UK) & Petrit Selimi (Kosovo)


Social Media Team of the Year: UN Media Team


Social Network of the Year: Twitter


Ambassador of the Year: Tom Fletcher (British Ambassador to Lebanon)


Digital Engagement of the Year (Embassy): UK in Lebanon


Digital Engagement of the Year (Portal): (Kosovo) & (US)


Twitter Engagement of the Year (State): @Sweden


Tweet of the Year:


Conversation of the Year:


Video of the Year:


Instagram Activation of the Year: Once in a Lifetime (Israel)


Facebook Engagement of the Year (State): Kosovo


Facebook Engagement of the Year (Embassy): US Embassy in Jakarta


YouTube Engagement of the Year (Ministry): Germany


YouTube Engagement of the Year (Embassy): UK in Lebanon


Digital Diplomacy Advocate of the Year: Andreas Sandre


Special Profiles of the Year: Matthias Lüfkens & E-Diplomacy


Minister’s Blog Article of the Year: “Digital Diplomacy: Adapting Our Diplomatic Engagement” by John Kerry


Diplomat’s Blog of the Year (Bilingual): Leigh Turner (UK)


#Selfie Diplomacy of the Year: Barack Obama, David Cameron & Helle Thorning-Schmidt

photo credit: Roberto Schmidt, AFPGetty Images

photo credit: Roberto Schmidt, AFPGetty Images


Digital Agenda of the Year: European Union


Global Study of the Year: Twiplomacy


Non-Global Study of the Year: “The Gezi Park Incident” Evaluation Report by Siege Arts


Book of the YearThe New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business by Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen


Suggested Reading in 2014: Cyberspace & International Relations edited by Jan-Frederick Kremer & Benedikt Müller


Think-Tank Publication of the Year: The Digital Diplomacy Revolution: Why Is Canada Lagging Behind? by Roland Paris


Private Sector Publication of the Year: Digital Diplomacy and the #G8 by Portland


Digital Diplomacy Blog of the Year (Analysis): The Public Diplomat (Yeah!!) Journal Article of the Year: “Rethinking popular geopolitics in the Falklands/Malvinas sovereignty dispute: Creative diplomacy and citizen statecraft” by Alasdair Pinkerton & Matt Benwell


Student Work of the Year: “Social Media in Public Diplomacy: Twitter and DC Embassies: Part 1 / Part 2” by Jeanette Gaida


B.A. Dissertation of the Year: “British Senior Diplomats’ use of Twitter: A content analysis” by David Folley


M.A. Dissertation of the Year: “Twitter as an Instrument of Public Diplomacy: A Case Study of Sweden and Germany” by Helen Hoffman


Ph.D. Dissertation of he Year: “American Statecraft for a Global Digital Age: Warfare, Diplomacy and Culture in a Segregated World” by Omar A. El-Khairy


Regional Focus of the Year: “The Arab World Online: Trends in Internet Usage in the Arab Region” by the Dubai School of Government


e-Book of the Year: Twitter for Diplomats by Andreas Sandre


Scholars of the Year (Digital Sociology & Anthropology): Marc Smith, Michael Wesch, Leon Watts, Zeynep Tufekci


Media Outlet of the Year: The Huffington Post


Op-Eds of the Year:

“Digital diplomacy: facing a future without borders” by Jimmy Leach

“4 Years of Digital Diplomacy and Change” by Alan W. Silberberg

“The New Golden Age of Diplomacy” by Gergely Polner

“A Revolution in Digital Diplomacy” by Brett Daniel Shehadey

“Digital diplomacy: here to stay and worth the risk?” by Stuart Hughes

“‘Fast Diplomacy’: The Future of Foreign Policy?” by Andreas Sandre

“Diplomacy and the Digital Age” by Arturo Sarukhan


Interviews of the Year: Alec Ross

“Alec Ross: Diplomacy in the Digital Age” by Maysam Ali

“The Future of Digital Diplomacy: An Interview With Alec Ross” by Alex Fitzpatrick

“Exit Interview: Alec Ross on Internet Freedom, Innovation and Digital Diplomacy” by Alexander Howard


Newspaper/Magazine Reports of the Year:

“Prime Minister’s Office recruiting students to wage online hasbara battles” by Barak Ravid

“Kosovo Attains Status (on Facebook) It Has Sought for Years: Nation” by Dan Bilefsky

“Kosovo’s Digital Diplomats” by Philip Boyes


Think-Tank of the Year: The Brookings Institute


Research Centers of the Year: Oxford Internet Institute & MIT Media Lab


Digital Firm of the Year: Burson Marsteller


Cultural Diplomacy Project of the Year: #Turkayfe


Digital Diaspora Accounts of the Year: World Uyghur Congress & No Sochi 2014


Digital Diaspora Study of the Year: E-Diasporas


Digital Diaspora Book of the Year: Diasporas and Diplomacy: Cosmopolitan contact zones at the BBC World Service (1932-2012) edited by Marie Gillespie & Alban Webb


Digital City Diplomacy of the Year: Dubai (@DXBMediaOffice, @SmartGov_Dubai, @DubaiExcellence)


Digital Corporate Diplomacy of the Year: Turkish Airlines


Digital Country Branding of the Year: Sweden


Digital Diplomacy Quote of the Year:

As a prime minister of Kosovo, I found it difficult to accept that I have to declare myself as being from Serbia. Being listed by Facebook was like being recognized by a global economic superpower. It has enormous impact. — Hashim Tachi


Most Popular TweetQuote of the Year:


International Organization of the Year: UN Refugee Agency 


Visualization of the Year: Mapping @DFATDCanada


Visualization of the Year (Corporate): Coordinated Migration by Facebook Data Science Team


Data Journalism of the Year: The Guardian’s DataBlog


Big Data Project of the Year: GDELT Events Database


Dataset of the Year: World Leader Twitter Directory by @VITweeple


Travel Portal & App of the Year: Peru


Travel Advisory App of the Year (Ministry): Conseils aux Voyageurs (France)


Innovation of the Year: World’s First Digitally Signed International Agreement (Finland & Estonia)


Public-Private Partnership of the Year: U.S. State Department MOOC Camps


Start-Up of the Year: Diplomatify


Digital Game of the Year: Trace Effects


Search Engine of the Year: Hshtags


Academic Program of the Year: Bahcesehir University’s Digital Diplomacy Program (Turkey)


Netizens of the Year: Iranians


Professional Event of the Year: Digital Diplomacy Open House by the Digital Diplomacy Coalition


Conference of the Year: Digital Diplomacy + Social Good Forum by the Digital Diplomacy Coalition


Professional Group of the Year: The Digital Diplomacy Coalition


Pioneer of the Year: 10th Anniversary of [email protected]


Newcomer of the Year: by Andra Alexandru


Disappointment of the Year: The e-Diplomacy Hub


Failure of the Year: Syria


Job Vacancy of the Year: Part Time Digital Diplomacy Officer (UK)

Yeni Diplomasi’s Review of Digital Diplomacy in 2013 Reviewed by on . Yeni Diplomasi, a Turkish website that covers all things digital diplomacy, released their review of 2013 last week. Gökhan Yücel and his crew compiled an impre Yeni Diplomasi, a Turkish website that covers all things digital diplomacy, released their review of 2013 last week. Gökhan Yücel and his crew compiled an impre Rating: 0

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